2016 Fall Convocation - Inspiring Dialogue and Community


2016 Fall Convocation

2016 Fall Convocation

2016 Fall Convocation, Inspiring Dialogue and Community.

UC Davis
(1 hour 1 minute)

2016 Fall Convocation - Inspiring Dialogue and Community

Convocation signals the beginning of a new academic year and with it a new emphasis on fostering campus inclusion and understanding.

The Convocation theme of “Inspiring Dialogue and Community” represents a new focus on encouraging the use of dialogue within the context of the campus community to foster greater empathy and sharing of perspectives.

The year-long initiative to offer students, faculty and staff more opportunities for dialogue and deliberation in addition to skill development and facilitated discussions will feature a number of workshops and forums where individuals can discuss issues, hear differing viewpoints and explore how to improve communication.

Inspiring Dialogue Series and Events

The goal of learning to engage in dialogue is to promote understanding between what may often seem to be conflicting or opposing viewpoints. The propensity to assume diametrically opposed positions too often leads to anger, frustration and a lack of progress.

Dialogue places an emphasis on really listening to another’s viewpoint. It emphasizes understanding and consideration of different perspectives. Dialogue is ultimately a skill or a practice that anyone can use to promote understanding, seek peace and reconciliation or gain greater insights into alternative views.

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